Ok….I’m back

So…I’m back to edublogs…I’m sure no one missed me.

I think I’ll use this as more of a professional blog.  We’ll see.

I’ve recently started keeping track of some “data.”  I’m pretty intrigued by the Feltron Report and by what Dan Meyer does on a daily basis. So, as per Mr. Meyer’s recommendation, I’ve started collecting data that pertains to various aspects of my life….coffee intake, miles run, photos taken, and a whole slew of teaching related activities.  I’m actually excited to see the results, but most people I explain this to say….”Why are you doing this again?”  My only quick response goes something like this…”Just to analyze my daily activities.” To which they say…”Why would you want to do something like that?” I have no further response than to just smile.

I hope my excitement for collecting this data doesn’t wear off somewhere around June.

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