Lately, I’ve had some writer’s block.  That is…creating activities that will both be fun and helpful.  Emphasis on fun…with a hint of technology.  My block must have something to do with the dog days of winter up here in New Jersey.  I thought the cold was almost over, but for the past 2 weeks it has been extremely windy.

So…with the help of my colleagues (real and virtual) I’ve planned out my next few projects.  Without going into the specifics, I’ll just give you the main ideas.

1.  Use Google’s Sketch-Up to create buildings of the Middle Ages and/or Renaissance. (still working on the specifics)

2.  Create a stop-animation video for a scene out of any period or age that we have discussed in class.  This will be sort of like a final project for the school year.  (I need to thank my virtual “colleague” for the inspiration for this little gem. Mr. Mayo has his kids create stop animation videos for literary terms.  They are quite clever!  This just proves it to me that my 7th graders can do stuff like this.  Thanks Mr. Mayo.)